About Us

YÜREK TEXTILE Lindustry and trade Inc. Inc. strong quality policy followed since its inception, R & D emphasis on, and to be able to adapt quickly to new technologies and trends as a result of the point it has reached today at respected and is proud to be the choice of leading companies in textile apparel industry.
Who are our valuable customers, our business partners, our company, the needs and demands of; Kestel Org. San. In the area of knitting, weaving, finishing, printing facilities and a flat paint; product variety, the most short-term, high-quality by meeting, why YÜREK textile industry and trade Inc.'s should we prefer? also gives the answer to the question in the most beautiful way.
YÜREK TEXTILE  industry and trade Inc. in addition to these services, our business partners who want to create your own custom creations with a wide range of colors and fabrics is engaged in the import and sale of raw.

Our mission

Developing world adapt to conditions by using resources efficiently as possible, and with the concept of total quality, moving beyond the expectations of their customers who maintain a good relationship with suppliers who offer products and services, their employees happy and proud they can be competitive in any environment, offering an environment where they can look to their future with confidence, society and the environment to be a global company and a supplier of textiles sensitive to protect and promote the image of high quality.


Our vision

A pioneer in the textile industry, it is always desired to be monitored and achieved, the first and preferred service partners with his valued customers to feel that they are special, which makes the prestige of being made in a global organization where it is deemed to be commercial activities.